Tàr | 24.04.22

An hour of unlikely music selections and goodies for the heart ❤️

Tár is not an escape, it is THE place; altered destiny we like to say 🎈

Transmute, click, paste. A more music, a more something-other-than:

Genre obsolete, 

(compute) 💻

Spider, webs, spirituality 3.0 for the bags under your eyes 👁️👁️

You can rest now… 

A sculpture made of rhyme, emotional content and hopeful surrender 

To the power of personal fiction 🔮

When humanity fades away, sounds will remain.

ArtistTrackTime Stamp
Lido PimientaEso Que Tu Haces00:46
The BledYou Know Who’s Seatbelt04:28
Macintosh PlusSick & Panic08:39
Gloomslifestyles of the PNW09:21
Joey BeltramGame Form15:24
MC LevinVai Perereca18:52
SewerslvtCyberia lyr321:00
Mingus Big BandMoanin’25:25
WolfLoveI Just35:43
Bhad BhabieGucci Flip Flops (feat. Lil Yachty)38:07
RP BooFinish Line D’Jayz38:57
Rudolph FrancisA So The System Work45:32
Yussef DayesOthello49:02