In Our Haim | 16.04.22

Episodio 6: The Red Planet How do you feel about the sound of your voice….on Earth? Yay or nay? Maybe you’d find your voice more delectable on a redder, dustier terrain…? This month’s episode is inspired by the first ever recordings of our trusted ‘red planet’ or  المريخ (al-marrīkhu) in Arabic , or מאדים (ma’adim) …

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Loveless | 26.03.22

Artist Track Emily A.Sprague – Piano 1 Ulla Straus – Sister Leo Svirsky – Trembling Instants Hang Massive – The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon Nailah Hunter – Quiet Light Lucy Gooch – Stalagmites & Helicites Matthewdavid’s Mindflight, Matthewdavid – Tract of Bell & Flute Magic Cucina Povera, Haron – Riffittelyä I Josiah …

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In Our Haim | 20.11.21

Articles/ academic papers / websites / vid-documentaries Episodio 2 – Whistles: “my band only plays dog whistles – you’ve probably never heard of us” Do you know your pucker whistle from your hum-whistle? Do you follow the Whistling Championships? Who is Mr Ulman and why does he abstain from …

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