Ripple in Sound | 25.04.21

In this Episode of a ripple in sound, we’ve collected vocals, music and art pieces inspired by this months theme of water and the sensations felt when in it. You’ll find a collection of sounds taken from projects based on the theme, experimental tracks, some exploring the way sound travels through water, spoken word, and personal accounts. Also in the show, we will be talking to Lucy Werret about her new film, Homebound out now on Girls In Film:

 Clips from links used in the show (chronological order):

Underwater creature sounds from “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea” by Alvaro Carpio on Vimeo:

Waterproof microphones frozen inside ice melting:

Bath- Charles Guo

Underwater people:

The Snorks: a concert for creatures (underwater hiphop):

Kevin Frilet, Under:

Johanna Nordblad, Underwater breathing:

Tomoko Sauvage, waterbowls:

Hyun Jean Lee, The breath of the sea- art installation:

Zadar sea organ

Other Links:

Album made for underwater listening:

Dj Fett BirgerKokken Tors Jævla Sensualitet Mix (Lang Versjon)
RroseWhite Drip
Valentin StippUnderwater Ballet
Tomoko SauvageExtract from Waterbowls
Aleksi PeralaUK74R1513120
SimonChoir Lovely
ParrisFlowering in Threes
OvermonoHarp Open
REDThat Boat Is Gone
EsbeeGrowing Through The Rocks