14:00 - 15:00 | Sunday | Monthly

Tár represents a contradiction, a true contemporary conundrum. Some have hypothesized that it could be a place– some argue physical, some think metaphysical– that can’t exist, an impossibility, one that humanity desperately needs. Using the fastest medium for the spreading of abstract ideas, internet sound waves, the nature of Tár will be researched and explored, dissected and mingled with. 

Hosted by Qetsy, a laptop musician, internet dj, amateur mystic and curious rabbit-hole collector hailing from Paraguay, and currently based in Málaga, Spain.

Expect monthly audio renditions containing eclectic music selections (anything from Jazz to Cumbia, Math-Rock and Spoken Word), poetry readings, wild YouTube sampling, spiritual ramblings and other forms of poetic sound manipulation. 

For suggestions, salutations, tracks, poetry, etc. send an email to qetsyqetsy@gmail.com