MellyD's World

19:00 - 20:00 | Sunday | Fortnightly

MellyD welcomes you into her world exploring the many genres of music that influence her mixing. Each show MellyD will take us on a journey selecting the music she is feeling inspired by right now.. It could be drum and bass, electronica, deep house or techy beats, you will just need to listen to find out.

MellyD is a DJ from the Steel City of Sheffield, where she learnt to mix so she could play a set at her own wedding rave, from there she caught the mixing bug and has gone on to play sets at Hope Works, Fewer Than One, no Bounds festival, Tramlines and featured guest mixes on STEAM Radio and UDAYA Radio. Recently she has started working with FLAW collective and Working Them’s Club at their monthly open decks night helping marginalised genders learn DJ skills, and can regularly be found in her studio helping future female DJ’s make the transition from controller mixing to CJD’s.