Interrupted Dream Sequence

20:00 - 21:00 | Sunday | Monthly

During the 84th cycle of the post-biospheric era, passengers aboard the LT-001 vessel reported unusual disruptions to their nightly dream sequences. Accustomed to a programme of glacial ambient productions, their algorithmic soundscapes were sporadically interrupted by an array of weird and wonderful sounds. Many users reported disturbances of “haunted carnival sounds”, “twisted hyperpop” and “loner folk”, whilst others complained of persistent “sludge”, “weird edits” and “sad emo shit”.

After a thorough investigation, the ship’s engineers concluded that the interference had originated from a nearby decaying planet, and were most likely ghost signals from the nightclubs and radio stations that used to dot its surface. A handful of users gave permission for their dream sequences to be accessed, and these strange phenomena were subsequently recorded by a team of LT-001 archivists. They labelled their findings as the audioseries “Interrupted Dream Sequence”. It remains as one of the few remaining pieces of ephemera from the unidentified planet, forgotten audio fragments of a sad, rotten world.