In Our Haim

14:00 - 15:00 | Saturday | Monthly

Hello all & welcome to the music-lingo-occasional-‘chat’ show (clearly I have yet to establish a proper tag or genre for this show!) Essentially this is a linguistics, language and music show; some episodes will be more talkative and discussion-based, and some more music-based as it will be dependent on the concept addressed each month. I want to promote and share songs/mixes by predominantly indigenous artists but I also want this to be a platform for news updates and discoveries concerning languages and linguistics. For now it’s just me, but I’m hoping to have guests/co-hosts maybe so if you’re interested let me know…Here is my email: 

If you’re wondering why I chose this title, it is because the word ‘haim’ is a cognate homonym between German and Hebrew. Haim or Heim (German spelling) phonologically equates to ‘home’ in German but orthographically it represents the English phonological spelling of the Hebrew word meaning ‘life’. The traditional anglo-Hebrew spelling is Chayyim (still pronounced /haɪm/ in IPA). Curiously, this Hebrew word also derives from old German…Not sure if this explanation was needed but there it is if you were curious! I guess this should give you a little taster into my show and the fact that it is still ‘in-the-making’ so any ideas or input are very welcome.