LTMIX005 | cmcn~

Hailing from the plains of north Wales, cmcn makes his Longthrow debut with a futuristic selection that somehow still leaves you with a sense of nostalgia. Never one to settle on genre, cmcn instead transverses soundscapes and rhythm.


Nueen – Sharp Grey
mu tate – Ultra
OL – A3
Katatonic Silentio – Prisoner of the Self
Yaporigami – Rhythm Studie II
Echium – Synthetic Space
Pontaic Streator – Gumtainer
Florist – Headrush
Kanyon – Arrow Drones
Exael – Circle (Squishy Mix)
Gacha Bakradze – Endless Tool
A5 – Entry Procedure
Topdown Dialectic – B3
Pontiac Strator – Triz Cohors pt. 3
Sunun – Away
Arad Acid – Torqued Light
Aircode – Eyebags
Jacksonville – FON
Significant Other – Delos
Acronym – Siege
Buttechno – M
Nueen – E999000
Uon – suB1
Pent – uyd
GOD69 – sumthing tethered
DJ Paradise – Reality Beat ft. Zoe Darsee