In Our Haim | 20.11.21

Episodio 2 – Whistles: “my band only plays dog whistles – you’ve probably never heard of us”

Do you know your pucker whistle from your hum-whistle? Do you follow the Whistling Championships? Who is Mr Ulman and why does he abstain from kissing 24 hours before a performance?  Place your bets: How long has Swetha Suresh whistled? What’s the amplitude of whistle wave? Would you rather chat someone up in whistles or words? Can you think of a good song with a whistle in it?

Meat PuppetsMaiden’s Milk
Harry BonadioPucker Whistle extract
Jack THum whistle w/sander drone
Anna Maria Hefelepolyphonic overtone singing
Christopher Ullman w/National Geographic“What a World Champion Whistler Sounds Like”
Anonymous Professional WhistlerRondo alla Turca
Alice Shawimprov-whistle /August 14, 1888
SWETHA SURESHPaatum Naane from Indian-Tamil Thirovilaiyadal
MAHA GANAPATHIMCanartic flute music
Pravin Godkhindi & Supreet DeshpandeHindustani/ awe-inspiring Raag Jog w/ Bansuri Flute & Tabla
David BowieGolden Years
Onur Güntürkün w/BBCKus dili “islik dili konusuyoruz”
Scientific AmericanSpeakers of Sfyria
Julien Meyer/ Laure Dentel.EL SILBO EnTodoElMundo
Priarie dogswhistling and calling
Dolphinsclicks and whistles
Roger MillerEngland Swings
Отава Ё – Ой, Дуся, ой, Маруся(казачья лезгинка) Otava Yo – (Cossack’s lezginka)
Anoushka ShankarLasya
Flo RiderWhistle
AirAlpha Beta Gaga