In Our Haim | 16.04.22

Episodio 6: The Red Planet

How do you feel about the sound of your voice….on Earth? Yay or nay? Maybe you’d find your voice more delectable on a redder, dustier terrain…? This month’s episode is inspired by the first ever recordings of our trusted ‘red planet’ or  المريخ (al-marrīkhu) in Arabic , or מאדים (ma’adim) in Hebrew, , or 화성 (hwaseong) in Korean.  I hope you manage to feel a little lighter on foot and freer of mind as you are serenaded with multiple Martian motifs and summoned by E-T whispers. AY! (or Welcome! in the Martian language, Barsoom).

Jeff WayneULLAdubULLA – Papa Ootzie
Aesop RockMars Attacks
Seu JorgeLife on Mars
Rob ZombieMars Needs Women
AshGirl from Mars
Jeff Wayne, Richard BurtonThe Eve of War
Gustav HolstThe Planets: Mars, the Bringer of War
The SeatbeltsCats on Mars
Sun Ra ArkestraBlues on Planet Mars
Claude DebussyClair de Lune